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  • Cavewoman: Badlands (One Shot Cover F Spektra3dx)

    • Discontinued
    • Adult
    • Bagged & Boarded
    From: Cavewoman: Badlands
    Author: Devon Massey
    Artist: Devon Massey
    Published by: Amryl Entertainment
    • Discontinued

      This item is no longer available for purchase.

Product Description

Returning from her jungle adventures, Meriem seeks a short cut home to Marshville. Soon she finds herself crossing a lethal wasteland teeming with terrifying creatures archvillain Ankha has created for her diabolical experiments.

Giant snakes, scorpion men, Gila girls, mutant flying ants and hideous human hybrids all seek to destroy Meriem before she makes it across the hellish landscape known as the Badlands. Twenty pages of story and four pages of scorching hot pinups of mouth watering Meriem.