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    Author: Rey Bustos
    Published by: Design Studio Press
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The human body is the most challenging subject for the artist to depict because of its intricate complexity and movement.

To do it well requires knowledge of anatomy, an awareness of what lies beneath all parts of the body, for the greatest figurative art gives the impression that there is a living skeleton inside the body.

Backed by almost 30 years of classroom experience, Rey Bustos’s Human Anatomy for Artists provides artists with a basic understanding of the skeletal structure and muscle system of the human body in order to portray the human form without being hindered by the process or the intellect.

And he’s done so in a unique way: including works from the great masters, to demonstrate how an artist can take the same anatomical knowledge and express it so differently and personally; organising the book by exploring anatomy first, laying out applications of it second; and then providing daily drawing exercises to constantly refine one’s work; and featuring extraordinary work from his students alongside his own to break down how his lessons have benefited his classes over the years.


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