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    Author: Cody franklin
    Published by: Mango
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Step into an Alternative History.

A dystopian world: Cody Franklin’s latest novel introduces a world in which Europe is dying. In this fascinating and unfamiliar setting, we dive into the absurdity of civil war and the various facets of the politics between powerful empires and seemingly unimportant regions of the world. This story twines historical, political, and fictional aspects together seamlessly to create a page-turning read.

From world leaders to refugees: There is nothing like a rags to riches story―but what about riches to rags? By taking the once-powerful European empire and reducing it to nothing, Franklin takes us on a journey that explores the downfall of a prominent population. The people of Southern Europe have been forced to flee into central Africa. The land, though a refuge for some, turns into expulsion for the natives, and with the new wave of European colonization, corruption follows.

An unlikely hero: Dystopian worlds do not often contain your typical heroes, and this story follows suit with protagonist Mathis Travers. Travers was born in the midst of the corruption and chaos, and his story uncovers the relationship between the various political powers and reveals the reasons behind the fall of Europe.


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