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    Author: Aled Lewis
    Published by: Chronicle Books
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It’s not always easy being a LEGO minifigure.

Welcome to the wacky LEGO world, where minifigures of all sorts navigate life, love, and leisure in miniature. Whether they are out at poker night, a first date, or group therapy, you’ll find that the lives of minifigures are not so different from our own―just without the fingers and noses.

This comic take on an iconic brand will tickle the fancy of anyone who has ever clicked two bricks together.

Loaded with inside references and jokes for adult LEGO fans―even the title is a play on the warning label on all LEGO products.

The perfect gift for nostalgic parents who want to share a funny moment with their LEGO-loving kids.

LEGO Small Parts is a look at the humorous and all-too human world of the LEGO minifigure.

Great for adult LEGO fans who are feeling nostalgic, as well as new fans ages 10+ who are just beginning their LEGO obsession.

Add it to the collection of books like T-Rex Trying by Hugh Murphy, Darth Vader and Son by Jeffrey Brown, and Toy Confidential: The Secret Life of Snarky Toys by Aled Lewis.


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