• [John Constantine: Hellblazer #4 (Product Image)]
  • John Constantine: Hellblazer #4

    • Discontinued
    From: John Constantine: Hellblazer
    Universe: DC
    Author: Simon Spurrier
    Artist: Matias Bergara
    Published by: DC Comics
    • Discontinued

      This item is no longer available for purchase.

Product Description

John Constantine was missing for years-and in that time, England needed a mystical protector, a guardian at the gates.

Heroically, the young man known as Tommy Willowtree stepped into the breach! This cosmically attuned mage has held evil at bay with the force of his positive white magic, unlocking a new era of peace for the citizens of London.

He is a gentleman, a scholar, a clean-living, vegan acolyte of love. So naturally, John Constantine hates his effing guts. And now they have to team up. Great.