• [To The Death #6 (Product Image)]
  • To The Death #6

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    From: To The Death
    Author: Simon Furman
    Artist: Geoff Senior
    Published by: Forged By Fire


    • Currently Unavailable
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Product Description

Earth, 2674: Once again, Dryagin finds he’s a marked man, and where Kraken failed, the evolved aquatic ‘soldier of fortune’ (don’t call him assassin) Killatoa may well succeed!

For a start, he’s very, very hard to kill, and once he sets his sights on his prey, akin to a guided missile.

The kid gloves are off, as Dryagin strikes back, vowing to take the fight all the way to the very heart of the Tri-Corp empire.

But with the looming threat of Asphodel overshadowing all – is he already too late?

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