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  • The Resistance (3rd Edition)

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Product Description

The Resistance is a social deduction game that will have groups of up to 10 people talking, laughing and making wild accusations long into the night. The hit game from designer Don Eskridge and publisher Indie Boards & Cards is almost 10-years-old and has seen off the challenge of many newer social deduction games to remain at the top of its class.

The game’s system is simple. In your group, most people will be members of the resistance and a couple will be government spies trying to infiltrate them and bring them down. The spies know everyone’s identity, but the resistance members don’t know who they can trust.

Each round, the designated leader will pick a team to go with them on a mission. If the team passes a group vote, the mission goes ahead and each team member secretly chooses a Pass or Fail card. If there’s at least one Fail in there, the mission goes in favour of the spies. The first team to win three missions wins the game.

Beyond those basic mechanics, The Resistance leaves everything open for players to debate and discuss. Can the spies go undetected, perhaps casting suspicion on an upstanding member of the resistance? Can the resistance members spot the spies and, importantly, convince their teammates without looking shifty themselves?

The Resistance will put your group to the test to see how well you really know if someone’s telling the truth. Very few games give players the joys of genuine surprise when something goes differently to how they expected, or the thrill of being proved right.

With games lasting no more than half an hour, these emotional highs will keep you coming back to it again and again. The Resistance is a true triumph of a social deduction game. Buy your copy online today.

Player count: 5-10.

Time: 30 minutes.

Age rating: 13+.

Product Specifications

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