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Long before giant polygonal ships populated by gamer avatars soared through the digital cosmos, or highly tuned 3D race cars hurtled across photorealistic open-world landscapes, gaming was all about pixels. At first, they were clunky affairs, made of simple forms and abstract shapes, barely recognisable as their real-world counterparts.

But as gaming hardware became more powerful, so the artist s craft began to take shape, producing beautiful, timeless artwork that reached its peak on Nintendo s 16-bit Super Nintendo. To commemorate this era of gaming, we re proud to announce The SNES Pixel Book .

For more than three years, authors Robert Bannert and Christine Bauer have worked with the help of retro-gaming professional, Thomas Nickel, to evaluate and edit almost 100,000 screen shots, exclusively made for this book, converting them into level maps and huge pixel images.

They’ve also written extensive articles and analyses of the various genres and game designs. Originally produced in Germany where the SNES was hugely popular Bitmap Books has painstakingly translated its 268 pages to produce a definitive English language version.

The finished hardback book is 250mm x 250mm in size, comes in a heavy board protective slipcase, and includes an exclusive bookmark. The book is full colour throughout, beautifully printed on high quality paper, and sumptuously illustrated by some of the very best game artwork on the SNES.

For connoisseurs of pixel art, fans of the Super Nintendo, or anyone simply wanting to reminisce about the 16-bit era, The SNES Pixel Book will be a fine additional to your retro-gaming collection.


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