• [Fallout: Pip-Boy Upgrade Module: Light-Up Screen (Product Image)]
  • Fallout: Pip-Boy Upgrade Module: Light-Up Screen

    • Discontinued
    Universe: Fallout
    Manufacturer: The Wand Company
    • Discontinued

      This item is no longer available for purchase.


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Product Description

An illuminated Display Panel upgrade for the Pip-Boy 2000, that’s designed to retro-fit and fun to show off with its random flickering function and the occasional malfunction.

Scientists agree, there is no glow that’s more satisfying, than that which is achieved by using the Illuminated Display Panel Upgrade Module to bring your Pip-Boy to life!

Just look at this new illuminated display panel! Can you see the difference it makes? Yes, you’re right… that difference is the warm glow of pure satisfaction radiating from your face as you stare into the green light of the Pip-Boy’s newly lit light-emitting display panel.

This new module is easy to fit and provides the perfect upgrade to the Pip-Boy 2000 kit that you lovingly constructed. Delight in the unboxing as you realise that the display panel module is wrapped in authentic newsprint of the iconic Boston Bugle newspaper. Discover that the three AAA-sized fusion cell replicas included are supplied by Mass Fusion, a perfect fit into the display panel’s power reserve which is conveniently hidden in the Pip-Boy’s screen control unit.

Power-up the display panel by clicking the control button on the top housing and marvel as the display realistically glows and flickers into life. Occasionally however, it will malfunction, faltering before the screen goes off. When this occurs you’ll have to tap two or three times on the top of the display housing, in the most authentic vintage way, to restore the display panel’s function.

Scientists and engineers agree that the optical properties of the light-emitting panel are perfect to brighten your day with the green light of the Pip-Boy’s welcome screen.