• [Illustrators Special #5 (Art Of Commando Comics) (Product Image)]
  • Illustrators Special #5 (Art Of Commando Comics)

    • Discontinued
    Author: Peter Richardson
    Artist: Various
    Published by: Book Palace
    • Discontinued

      This item is no longer available for purchase.

Product Description

This issue will explore and showcase the art of Commando, the legendary British comic published by DC Thomson for over 50 years, featuring the art of Ken Barr, Ian Kennedy, Gordon Livingstone, Jordi Penalva, Aldoma Puig, Graeme Neil Reid, Keith Burns, Neil Roberts, Matias Alonso, Victor de la Fuente, and Luis Bermejo. (Contents may change.) Featuring reproductions of some of the most mouthwatering Commando cover art and interiors.