• [Archie: Married Life 10 Years Later #3 (Cover B Chaykin) (Product Image)]
  • Sale Discontinued Archie: Married Life 10 Years Later #3 (Cover B Chaykin)
    Author: Michael Uslan
    Artist: Dan Parent
    Published by: Archie Comic Publications
    • Discontinued

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The story that follows Archie’s two possible futures-one where he’s married to Veronica and another where he’s married to Betty-presses on!

Tragedy strikes Archie and Veronica’s life together and leads the couple to confront some difficult questions while the political landscape of Riverdale is on the cusp of drastically changing.

Meanwhile, Archie and Betty’s marriage is less-than-perfect, but a once-in-a-lifetime music opportunity for Archie might lead to some huge changes!