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    Author: Mike Pearl
    Published by: Hodder & Stoughton
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If you live on planet Earth, you’re probably scared about the future.

Terrorism, complicated international relations, global warming, and a raft of other issues make it hard not to be.

Watching the news you have to wonder: is it safe to go out there or not?

In The Day It Finally Happens, Mike Pearl games out many of the ‘could it really happen?’ scenarios we’ve all speculated about, assigning a probability rating, and taking us through how it would unfold.

He explores what would likely occur in dozens of possible scenarios, the final failure of antibiotics, the loss of the world’s marine life, the abolition of the British monarchy, and even the arrival of aliens, and reports back from the future, providing a clear picture on how the world would look, feel, and even smell in each of these instances.

Hilarious, enlightening, and terrifying, this book makes science accessible and is a unique form of existential therapy, offering practical answers to some of our most worrisome questions.

Thankfully, the odds of humanity pulling through look pretty good.


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