• [DC: Engines Of Chaos Statue: Batman (Product Image)]
  • Discontinued Limited Edition DC: Engines Of Chaos Statue: Batman
    Only 5000 produced
    From: DC, and Batman
    Universe: DC
    Manufacturer: DC Collectibles
    • Discontinued

      This item is no longer available for purchase.


Speed, villains and superheroes with a gritty and dystopian twist: DC’S ENGINES OF CHAOS-the latest statue line from DC Collectibles-is fast approaching.

After Ra’s al Ghul succeeds in destroying society as we know it, a post-apocalyptic world of motor vehicles and mayhem emerges. Heroes and villains cruise a barren wasteland on distinctly individualised bikes and vehicles as they fight for control in this new world.

Based on the designs of renowned artist Riley Rossmo, each statue is a high-RPM re-imagining of a beloved DC character uniquely optimised for this world; some figures have adapted to battle, others to survival.

If you think the end of the world is enough to stop Batman… you don’t know the Dark Knight. Riding atop a custom bike complete with armoured wheels and a bat-shaped grill, it’s clear Batman isn’t going to let a little apocalypse (or Joker bots) keep him from delivering justice.

The statue is cast in polyresin, which allows for delightful details-like sand being kicked up from the force of the bike-to come through on the home product.

Limited to 5,000 pieces and individually numbered

Statue measures 6.8” tall