• [Spirit Of The Pharaoh (Queen Nefekari Cover Variant) (Product Image)]
  • Discontinued Spirit Of The Pharaoh (Queen Nefekari Cover Variant)
    Authors: Terry Jervis, and Simon Furman
    Artist: Chris Geary
    Published by: Titan Comics
    • Discontinued

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An ancient evil has awoken again in the modern streets of London, and only one young hero can save the day.

Seth, the ancient Egyptian god of chaos, has returned after being sealed away in centuries long past. Working with Lord Welton, a billionaire arms dealer, Seth will stop at nothing to once again plunge the world into eternal darkness.

Only the spirit of King Ra’Mun can restore order once again as he continues this eternal struggle against evil while searching for his long-lost beloved Queen Neferkari, but to do so he needs to find and merge with a good and noble soul…