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Batman’s Rebirth was a fresh start, but he faced classic threats and old enemies all the same. A new start meant a new look and the Batman Universe Bust Collection proudly presents its first special edition statuette, please welcome the DC Comics Batman: Rebirth Cowl Bust.

The Batman Cowl is the first in a collection of statuettes highlighting Batman’s iconic appearances from over 75 years of comic book, TV, video game and movie history. This cowl is based on the Dark Knight’s suit from Batman Vol. 3, the first new Batman title from DC Comics’ Rebirth era.

In December 2017, DC Comics rebranded all of their stories, so Canadian artist, David Finch, developed a new style for Batman inspired by comic book legends Greg Capullo and Jim Lee.

Your DC Comics bust is accompanied by a lavishly illustrated magazine that uncovers everything about Batman’s adventures in the Rebirth era, explore the other appearances of Batman during the Modern Age, and much more…


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