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The Ridiculous Rhyming Family Game There’s a brand new president, which means that it must be time for a brand new edition of one of our favourite party games, Obama Llama.

Only trouble is, we couldn’t think of anything that rhymed with Trump. Dump? Grump? Chump? No, we didn’t think so either. Best stick to what we know and keep the party going, welcome back to the family, Obama Llama and Tina the Llama!

This time, the party pair have given up their celebrity lives and are taking it easy-breezy on holiday. With all new content, the second edition of Obama Llama isn’t just a party game about famous people anymore. Now it’s crammed with all sorts of weird stuff, making it a much more suitable family game for young kids, teenagers and adults alike.

From “Severus Snape choking on a grape” to “Uranium playing Cranium” to “A T-Rex mixing on the decks”, the party game will get the family shouting out ridiculous rhymes in no time.

So if you’re looking to mix-up the traditional family games night and need an excuse to put Trivial Pursuit back in the family games cupboard, this is the game for you. Just maybe give the neighbours a heads up first.


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