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Game of Phones: A Smartphone Showdown Card Game. Probably one of the only party games that actively encourages players to stare at their phones, this is Game of Phones, a party game meets quiz game, where you use your intimate knowledge of internet trivia and your extensive selfie collection to your advantage.

Just unlock your phone, flip over a card and scroll your way to victory. Just like a millennial, party game version of Trivial Pursuit (if videos of celebrity meltdowns and puppies falling over counted as trivia), both card games cover a different category with every round, offering a brand new challenge.

From “Find the weirdest real news story from today” to “Find a photo of yourself from at least 10 years ago”, this is one of those party games that’s sure to deliver some dynamite answers, all sourced by you, your friends and the wonders of social media.

Unlike most card games, the rules to this one are simple:

  1. Make sure each player has their smartphone fully charged and ready to go. If any players don’t have a smartphone, admire them for getting by without one in this day and age Then, get them to team up with a normal player.

  2. Place the deck of Challenge Cards in the middle of the table and have a player flip one over. This player is the judge for the round and reads out a challenge for everyone to hear.

  3. Everyone now gets 60 seconds to start searching on their smartphones for the perfect answer to the challenge. Once you think you’ve sussed out the perfect answer, present it to the judge.

  4. At the end of the 60 seconds, the judge chooses their favourite answer and awards them with one point.

  5. The judge now moves clockwise and a new card is read out for the group.

  6. The first player to gain 10 points, wins!


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