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  • The Magnificent Wilf

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    Author: Gordon R Dickson
    Published by: Baen Books

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Product Description

We are not alone in the galaxy-not by a longshot. And extra-solar civilisation has come calling. Now, Tom Parent, his linguist wife Lucy, and their Great Dane Rex must travel the stars as ambassadors of Earth.

Their mission: to prove Humanity deserves to be considered equal to the scores of established alien cultures. Earth’s acceptance hinges on building good relationships with these aliens, and the genteel Parents seem the perfect candidates for wooing extra-terrestrials. Of course, they’ll have to tread carefully among these brave new worlds that have such creatures in them! Soon what starts as a straight-forward goodwill tour is complicated when Lucy is mistaken for a Wilf-a lifeform that manipulates others toward moral behavior-and Tom accidentally joins a galactic council when he sits in the wrong chair.

On top of that, their faithful hound Rex starts talking. And maybe it’s best if we don’t mention the singing gelatin-mold-like alien they have to rescue from becoming dessert. It’s action and adventure for Tom, Lucy, and Rex, and a laugh-riot for the reader in this classic novel from Science Fiction master Gordon R. Dickson!

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  • Paperback
Cat. No.
  • 4433484
  • 978148148363651600
  • 9781481483636