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The Companion Chronicles are a range of Big Finish Doctor Who stories, partly narrated, partly dramatised, looking at the Doctor’s world and adventures more through the eyes of those who travelled with him.

This title contains four new stories from the Second Doctor’s era.

  1. The Curator’s Egg by Julian Richards.

Zoltan Clarkson (Eccentric Billionaire, Cybernetics Tycoon, Museum Curator) had a dream of a domestic dinosaur in every home. He bought the empty county of Dorset to work on this dream and develop cyborg dinosaur hybrids in a safe, contained environment. Now Clarkson lies insensate in the infirmary, his twin brother Andrew struggles to hold things together and dinosaurs walk the Earth.

  1. Dumb Waiter by Rob Nisbet.

The Doctor and Victoria attend a civilised garden party. But their genial hostess, Mrs De Winter, is convinced that the garden conceals a secret; something about Carlos the head waiter who never speaks. The hidden truth can be glimpsed by people less accustomed to the mask of politeness and cake. People like Jamie. And people like Leela, the mysterious “warrior of the Seventeen”.

  1. The Iron Maid by John Pritchard

“I saw a wheel up in the heavens - a wheel of fire and swords… And I saw a heap of armour that was waiting for a Maid to put it on. I feared that it was meant for me, but a voice said otherwise - that another Maid was coming and she would save our country from its enemies…” The TARDIS has arrived in France in the fourteenth century - a time of devastation and despair. In an empty church beside a crowded graveyard, Zoe meets a woman who claims to see a dreadful future waiting for the world.

  1. The Tactics of Defeat by Tony Jones.

In the rain-swept jungle of Belize, Captain Ruth Matheson and Zoe Heriot are both about to discover just what sacrifices they are prepared to make when faced with a seventeenth century threat that might just spell death for millions of innocent people. Does the end justify the means? Sometimes winning feels like exactly like losing.

The Second Doctor was played by Patrick Troughton between 1966 and 1969, alongside Frazer Hines as Jamie McCrimmon - in recent years, Frazer has taken on the role of his late friend. Louise Jameson reprises her popular role as the Fourth Doctor’s warrior companion Leela - here meeting another Doctor entirely. Daphne Ashbrook features in last story The Tactics of Defeat, playing a UNIT captain -but she was first encountered by Doctor Who fans acting opposite Paul McGann in Doctor Who - The TV Movie.

CAST: Anneke Wills (Polly / Narrator),Elliot Chapman (Ben Jackson / Andrew Clarkson / Zoltan Clarkson),Frazer Hines (Jamie McCrimmon / The Second Doctor), Wendy Padbury (Zoe Heriot / Narrator), Daphne Ashbrook (Captain Ruth Matheson), Louise Jameson (Leela / Mrs De Winter / Narrator), Matthew Brenher (Deakin), Jo Woodcock (Marie).


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