• [Wonder Woman #60 (Product Image)]
  • Sale Discontinued Wonder Woman #60
    From: Wonder Woman
    Universe: DC
    Author: G. Willow Wilson
    Artists: Cary Nord, and Mick Gray
    Published by: DC Comics
    • Discontinued

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It’s a standoff of mythological proportions when Wonder Woman combats the resurrected God of War, Ares!

While trying to stop a war, Wonder Woman appeals to Ares to intervene with her, but he thinks the two parties should fight it out and resolve it themselves. Guess dying and coming back didn’t do much to soften Ares’ M.O.

Meanwhile, Steve Trevor’s been kidnapped and confronts his captor: the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite, who’s extremely pissed. Let’s see Steve schmooze his way out of this one!