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Trump Cards… did he really say that? The hilarious party card game for those who think they can spot FAKE NEWS from the REAL TRUMP!

This game puts politics aside and simply tests your skills at weeding out fake news from real news. Two to ten players take turns reading out the Trump Cards in their best Trump voice. Think the president really said it? Play the “Approved” card. Think it’s made up?

Use the “Fake News” card. Surprise your friends with your knowledge of our commander-in-chief. One point is granted to each player for correct responses, but if no player is correct, the reader gets one point.

Win the game by being the first player to reach 5 points. All “real” Trump quotes are properly sourced to prevent arguments. Trump opponents and Trump supporters were both surveyed and found this game to be humorous and non-offensive.

Diffuse the awkward political conversations at your next family gathering or game night with this hilarious card game that will keep everyone laughing for fake news and real news quotes alike.

INCLUDES: 300 Trump Cards, 10 Fake News Cards and 10 Approved Cards, 1 Writing Pad and 1 Pencil, Rules Sheet.

Players (2-10)


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