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    Author: Daria Bogdaiska
    Published by: Centrala

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Product Description

Wage Slaves is a comic book where the question: ‘What idiot said that with just a little bit of work everyone can succeed?’ resonates with the protagonist Daria.

She has neither hope nor prospects for a great career. She does not have the time nor energy to draw, let alone sleep. This reality is contrary to that of the hipster’s life in Malmo.

Their Facebook photos and the late night curries she serves them are the only excitement for the 25 year old Daria. She sees her future ‘ broke and begging on the streets in a devastated Mad Max style landscape with no children to take care of - because we are all in open relationships (because Daria is also very funny in that way).

However the story of all those years of hard work and disappointment is above all the story of the beginnings of engagement: What if to break out of the darkness and despair she could have just used her anger more wisely.

Does being in a more ‘advantageous’ position or at least a little less precarious, give her the moral responsibility to defend others? Could this young woman, a little lost between complicated love stories, fighting crisis of doubts and deep despair change the world?’

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  • Paperback
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  • 9781912278077
  • 9781912278077