• [Rivers Of London: Volume 3: Black Mould (Signed Edition) (Product Image)]
  • Discontinued Signed Rivers Of London: Volume 3: Black Mould (Signed Edition)
    Signed by: Lee Sullivan, and 2 more
    From: Rivers Of London
    Universe: Rivers Of London
    Authors: Ben Aaronovitch, and Andrew Cartmel
    Artist: Lee Sullivan
    Published by: Titan Comics
    • Discontinued

      This item is no longer available for purchase.


CSI meets Harry Potter in this fantastic new graphic novel from Ben Aaronovitch, writer of the best-selling Rivers of London novel series!

Something dark and slimy is dripping through the walls of suburban London. Not the usual stuff, this mould is possessed by some dark power full of bad intentions.

Looks like it’s another case for London’s one and only trainee wizard cop, Police Constable Peter Grant, and his reluctant partner, Sahra Guleed!