• [The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Volume 4: Tempest #3 (Product Image)]
  • The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Volume 4: Tempest #3

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    Author: Alan Moore
    Artist: Kevin O'Neill
    Published by: Knockabout Comics
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Product Description

Like something from an unbelievable parallel world where there were once comic publications exclusively for girls, this third jaw-dropping instalment of Moore and O’Neill’s astonishing swan-song takes us from a boarding school in Big Brother-dominated England to a civic ball with a Frankenstein monster in Toyland, pausing for some 1960s pop-art espionage and a breath-taking musical interlude along the way.

Concluding with a demonstration of an unusual nuclear defense system (for which the reader will require 4-D spectacles thoughtfully provided) and containing Seven Stars classic ‘Showdown in Space,’ you dare not miss issue three of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Vol. IV: The Tempest. Retailers: See your order form for incentive information.