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  • Star Trek: Rock Mood Light

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    From: Star Trek: The Original Series
    Universe: Star Trek
    Manufacturer: The Wand Company
    • Discontinued

      This item is no longer available for purchase.


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Product Description

This Original Series Star Trek Rock Mood Light faithfully reproduces helmsman Sulu’s thrilling Alfa 177 planetary experience, where he used his phaser to heat a rock and thus save him and his away team from perishing in the freezing conditions.

Beautifully sculpted and hand-painted for realism, the Rock is the perfect decorative piece, allowing you to indulge your Trek devotion in any setting. As the lights dim, the glowing Rock comes into its own.

Fire the Type 1 Phaser remote control at the rock with a continuous burst and it glows increasingly brighter, throbbing redder and redder as it appears to heat up. Cease firing and the rock slowly dims as it appears to cool.

Switch to Atmosphere and discover the Rock’s more ambient, multicolour effects. Coax the Rock to display one of its galaxy of beautiful colours, very imperceptibly glide from colour to colour with subtlety indicating a higher intelligence or engage ultra slow fade, sunrise or bedtime routines.

-Highly detailed & realistic: Carefully textured, hand-painted rock for ultimate realism.

-Accurate Type-1 Phaser: Highly accurate Type-1 phaser replica based on the Original Series first season design.

-Immersive play features: Firing phaser makes rock glow as if heating up. Stop firing and rock fades, appearing to cool.

-Atmospheric features: Use the Type-1 Phaser remote to access the Rock’s range of beautiful colour and light effects.

-Ultra slow colour fade: 10 minute fade through colour spectrum with imperceptible changes between colours.

-Very slow dim to off: 10 minute fade to off, perfect for bedtime.

-Manual colour cycle: Scan through the spectrum to select the colour of your choice.

-Real survival blanket: Shelter from the cold even on Earth with this real, single-use gold mylar ‘space’ blanket (no substitute for being properly attired or ensuring your transporter is fully operational).