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  • Currently Unavailable Ley: Book 3: Reaping The Aurora
    Author: Joshua Palmatier
    Published by: Daw Books
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Wielder Kara Tremain and Allan Garrett have seized control of the new Nexus–the hub of magical power for Tumbor city, created by the White Cloak cult at the Needle, taking their leader prisoner.

Kara intends to use the Needle’s Nexus to heal the distortion over the city, allowing the ley network to stabilise. But the distortion here is huge, and Kara will need the help of all of the Wielders at the Needle, including the White Cloaks. Can she trust them, or will they betray her, possibly destroying any chance of healing the ley network altogether?

Meanwhile, Allan journeys back to their home city, hoping to form alliances with survivors of the disaster there, only to discover that Erenthrall itself has sunk into the ground and the vicious groups left there have banded together in an even more hostile faction. They attack while Allan is treating with the eastern Temerite enclave, forcing Allan and the Temerites to flee back to the Needle and abandon Erenthrall.

But the Needle is no safe haven. The White Cloaks have begun fomenting unrest, all of it targeted at Kara and the Wielders. The tensions escalate beyond control when their leader declares he’s had a vision, a vision predicting the annihilation of reality itself!


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