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  • Adventure Journal: The Atari 2600 Game Journal (Hardcover)

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    Author: Atari
    Published by: Racehorse Publishing


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Product Description

Officially licensed and designed to look like the original game cartridge, ADVENTURE: The Atari 2600 Game Journal features endpapers with colour screen shots of game play (including an Easter egg planted by the designer) as well as an insert with instructions from the original game manual.

With black-edged pages and sticker artwork showcasing the iconic orange dragon, ADVENTURE: The Atari 2600 Game Journal is a pixilated trip down memory lane.

In 1977, Atari released their first programmable cartridge system, the VCS, in a daring attempt to bring gaming from arcade halls to living rooms. Later re-branded the Atari 2600, the gaming system became an essential part of 80’s culture, selling millions of units until its remodel in 1992. Despite the variations that followed, the Atari 2600 games are seen as the pioneers of video gaming, and are the foundation for many game designs, platforms, and systems in rotation today.

Product Specifications

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