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  • Currently Unavailable The Sawed And Sliced Box Set
    Directed by: Juan Piquer Simon, and 5 more
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Skinned Alive (1989): The Crawldaddy family have been travelling cross-country selling fine human leather apparel. Unfortunately they break down right in the middle of a killin’....

Scarred (2005): In a small town area with the local residents gripped by rumours of a woman haunting the woods since her face became disfigured, searching for a new face.

Jigsaw (2002): A college art class tackles a bizarre project but after a night of drunken confessions, Jigsaw comes to life.

Pieces (1982): A chainsaw wielding madman roams a college campus in search of beautiful young co-eds to slash and kill. Hurray !

Sawed: A group of teenagers set out to find a serial killer and begin to suspect that a victim from a decade before could be responsible for the present killing frenzy…