• [Carson Of Venus: Fear On Four Worlds #1 (Special Limited Edition Charac) (Product Image)]
  • Carson Of Venus: Fear On Four Worlds #1 (Special Limited Edition Charac)

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    Author: Christopher Mills
    Artists: Mike Wolfer, and Cyrus Mesarcia
    Published by: American Mythology Productions

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    • Currently Unavailable
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Product Description

Track down one of 350 super-limited copies of the first issue of Carson of Venus! Don’t miss a chance to put this historic, limited-edition issue under glass with your favourite grading company!

The fantastic worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs come together in American Mythology’s ERB Shared Universe!

Join us in exploring far-off planets, prehistoric worlds, and lost civilisations hidden deep within the Earth. Over 80 years ago, Carson Napier blasted off for Mars but found himself thrown off course and a cast away on Venus.

Now in 2018, a group of unlikely explorers from Caspak, ‘The Land That Time Forgot,’ will find the impossible, that life on Venus is a reality! And so is the danger of a planet full of vicious creatures and treacherous villains.

Carson of Venus #1 comes with four covers - Main Pulptastic Cover by Mike Wolfer, Visions of Venus Cover by Cyrus Mesarcia, a Limited Edition Character Design Cover also by Mesarcia, and a Blank Sketch Cover.


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