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Celebrating Snoopy (Hardcover)

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  • Celebrate fifty years of Snoopy with this deluxe hardcover collection!

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Product Description

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    Charles M Schulz  
    Cat No.
    Andrews & McMeel Publishing  
  • Celebrate fifty years of Snoopy with this deluxe hardcover collection!

    “Snoopy is the most popular character in the strip. In fact, I think you could make a good case that he’s the most popular cartoon character in the world. I suppose that’s because what I’ve done with him is very original. I don’t think there has been an animal character in a long time that has done the different things that Snoopy has done. He’s an attorney. He’s a surgeon. He’s the World War I Flying Ace.” –Charles M. Schulz

    Fifty years of Peanuts, generations of fans, a gang of memorable characters, but only one beloved dog: Snoopy. Andrews McMeel is proud to showcase Celebrating Snoopy.

    It’s packed with Snoopy strips from each of Peanuts’ five decades, making this book not only a heartwarming tribute, but also a true collector’s item.

    Foreword by Michael Cavna, “ComicRiffs” columnist, The Washington Post. Introduction by Steve Martino, director, The Peanuts Movie.

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