• [Rosario + Vampire: Volume 5 (Product Image)]
  • Discontinued Rosario + Vampire: Volume 5
    Author: Akihisa Ikeda
    Artist: Akihisa Ikeda
    Published by: Viz Media Llc
    • Discontinued

      This item is no longer available for purchase.


All-around average teenager Tsukune can’t get accepted to any high school save one…but on his first day he finds the rest of the student body doesn’t appear average in the least.

Best of all, the cutest girl on campus can’t wait to fling her arms around his neck! Wait a sec’ - are those her teeth around his neck too…?

Tsukune’s going to have one heck of a hickey when he gets home from Monster High! But does he have a chance in H E double hockey sticks of raising his grades at a school where the turf war isn’t between the jocks and the nerds but the vampires and the werewolves?

Question 5: When a literal frost queen falls for you like an icicle off the eaves of an alpine chalet, is it best to take…a) a snow-day b) a chill pill c) the heat off of her?