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Kidrobot: Dunny Series: The Dunny Show

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    Art & Design  
    Kid Robot  
    Blind Boxed  
    Vinyl Art Toys  
  • The custom Dunny world just got closer to home!

    Kidrobot has teamed up with some of the best customizers in the game to present an all new Designer Toy Awards Dunny Mini Series.

    Featuring Dunnys from So Youn Lee, Andrea Kang, Gary Ham, Quiccs and The Bots this series has something for everyone. Grab them all today to truly customize your collection!

    Collect them all:

    So Youn Lee Strawberry Mango - 1/24

    So Youn Lee Watermelon Mango - 2/24

    So Youn Lee Banana Mango - 1/24

    So Youn Lee Banana Mango Alt Colorway - 1/48

    Andrea Kang Trouble Maker - 2/24

    Andrea Kang Melo - 1/24

    Andrea Kang Illuminati - 1/24

    Gary Ham Tyrainysaurus Rex - 2/24

    Gary Ham Sylvan - 3/48

    Gary Ham Autumn Stag - 2/24

    Gary Ham Autumn Stag Alt Colorway - ??/??

    Quiccs Srch Destroy - 2/24

    Quiccs Godmode - 1/96

    Quiccs Armd Dangerous - 3/24

    The Bots Ooey Gooey - 1/24

    The Bots Lovesick - 1/24

    The Bots Blast Off - 2/24

    The Bots Blast Off Alt Colorway - 1/48

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