• [2000AD: Ultimate Collection: Issue 13: ABC Warriors: Volume 1 (Product Image)]
  • 2000AD: Ultimate Collection: Issue 13: ABC Warriors: Volume 1

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    Universe: 2000AD
    Author: TBC
    Artist: TBC
    Published by: Hachette

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Product Description

Former war-droids created to fight the volgans, the atomic, bacterial and chemical chemical warfare-proof A.B.C. Warriors have been recruited to bring peace to the colony world of Mars.

Led by Hammerstein, and comprising Mongrol, Deadlock, Blackblood, Joe Pineapples, Happy Shrapnel and ‘The Mess’, this band of battle-bots must tame the Red Planet, or die trying – spread the word!

2000 AD: The Ultimate Collection takes you to the multiple future-shocked worlds of the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic.

Compiling the definitive stories from forty years of the award winning weekly SF anthology comic 2000 AD and written and illustrated by some of the biggest talents in the industry, 2000 AD: The Ultimate Collection forms a stunning library that represents the best of this most celebrated of titles.

With a specially commissioned artwork from top artist Boo Cook, special

edition cover designs and exclusive bonus content, this collection is a must-have for any 2000 AD fan!

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