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  • Currently Unavailable LEGO: The Batman Movie: The Ultimate Batmobile
    From: DC
    Universe: DC
    Brand: LEGO
    Manufacturer: Lego
    • Currently Unavailable
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Team up with THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE characters Batman, Batgirl, Robin and Alfred Pennyworth (in Batsuit) to give the Super-Villains quadruple trouble with The Ultimate Batmobile!

This amazing model divides into 4 separate vehicles: the Batmobile, Batwing, Bat-Tank and Batcycle. The Batmobile features foldout boosters and 4 stud shooters, while the Batwing has foldout wings and 2 spring-loaded shooters. The Batcycle has foldable wheels and the heavily-armored Bat-Tank boasts 2 hidden 6-stud rapid shooters.

The set also includes the rotating Bat-Signal with a LEGO light brick, Polka-Dot Man’s flying disc, plus 8 minifigures with assorted weapons and accessories to inspire endless role-play action.

  • Includes eight minifigures: Batman, Robin, Batgirl, Polka-Dot Man, Alfred Pennyworth (in Batsuit), Wicked Witch of the West and two Flying Monkeys.

  • This set features the 4-in-1 Ultimate Batmobile which divides into four separate vehicles: the Batmobile, Batwing, Bat-Tank and Batcycle. Also includes a buildable Bat-Signal.

  • Batmobile features an opening minifigure cockpit, four stud shooters, two foldout boosters, two hidden non-shooting cannons, and translucent light-style elements.

  • Batwing features an opening minifigure cockpit with dashboard details, two spring-loaded shooters, foldout wings, Bat-shaped tail wings, and translucent light-style elements.

  • Bat-Tank features an opening minifigure cockpit with dashboard details, big wheels, two hidden six-stud rapid shooters, opening armory compartment with control panel details, and translucent light-style elements.

  • Batcycle features foldable wheels for riding and parking inside The Ultimate Batmobile.

  • Also includes Polka-Dot Man’s flying disc.

  • Activate the Bat-Signal’s LEGO light brick to project the Bat symbol.

  • Weapons include Batman and Batgirl’s Batarangs, Polka-Dot Man’s two polka dots and Alfred Pennyworth’s two swords.

  • Accessory elements include Batman, Robin, Batgirl, Alfred Pennyworth and Wicked Witch of the West’s capes, Batman and Batgirl’s molded utility belt, Polka-Dot Man’s helmet, Alfred Pennyworth’s hat, and Wicked Witch of the West’s hat and broomstick.

  • The Ultimate Batmobile measures over 12cm high, 37cm long and 16cm wide.

  • Bat-Tank measures over 7cm high, 16cm long and 14cm wide.

  • Batwing measures over 8cm high, 20cm long and 19cm wide.

  • Batcycle measures over 4cm high, 11cm long and 3cm wide.

  • Batmobile measures over 9cm high, 23cm long and 12cm wide.

  • Polka-Dot Man’s flying disc measures over 3cm in diameter.

  • Bat-Signal measures over 10cm high, 6cm wide and 6cm deep.

Ages: 10-16

Pieces: 1456


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