• [The Phantom: President Kennedys Mission #1 (Reg Brooks Cover) (Product Image)]
  • Currently Unavailable The Phantom: President Kennedys Mission #1 (Reg Brooks Cover)
    Author: Ron Goulart
    Artists: Malena Molina, and Sean Joyce
    Published by: Hermes Press

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The year is 1962, and the Phantom returns once again in a new adventure!

There’s a possible world war with Russia looming on the horizon, and newly minted President John F. Kennedy calls upon his old friend Kit Walker for help - let the action and intrigue begin!

Learn how Kit first met JFK during his service in PT-109. In this all-new Phantastic adventure, veteran Phantom script writer Ron Goulart returns with artist Sean Joyce, a new comer to the Phantom and to comic books, but no newcomer to the art world! Joyce is best known as one of Hollywood’s most talented matte painters and storyboard artists, and he is lending his talents to comics for the first time to bring The Phantom to life in this exciting new adventure!

This five book story arc (each issue to be released every month and a half) has something for every Phan- history with JFK, Russian femme fatales, espionage, lost U.S. astronauts on a secret mission, Singh pirates, and, of course The Phantom, Diana, and Devil!

Journey back to the swingin’ 1960s with The Phantom! Issue one boasts three original covers. Don’t miss out!


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