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Marvel Secret Work: Gabriele Dell'Otto 1998-2016 (Signed Edition) [Signed By...] Gabriele Dell'Otto

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  • Artist
    Gabriele Dell'Otto  
    Gabriele Dell'Otto  
    Trade Paperback  
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    Marvel Comics  
    Gabriele Dell'Otto  
    Graphic Novels  
  • In one volume the illustrations made by Gabriele Otto for Marvel Comics in almost twenty years of career. A large-format volume traces the intense and prolific artistic production of Gabriele Dell’Otto for Marvel Comics.

    More than 300 color pages and nearly nine hundred images to discover the secrets and memories of the almost twenty-year career of one of the most loved and respected illustrators of the House of Ideas.

    All the covers (including those made for the German market, French and Italian) are collected in this book for the first time, accompanied by studies and preparatory sketches and commented through anecdotes and curiosities cared personally by the artist.

    Almost all of the promotional drawings and limited edition prints and a large selection of unpublished material, or little seen (preliminary projects, studies of the characters, preparatory sketches, coloring) tests makes this publication a must for all lovers of the Roman artist.

    324 pages 30 x 30 cm 2.4kg. 2000 copies worldwide

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