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  • Patriots
    Author: David Drake
    Published by: Baen Books
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Mark Maxwell is a young man from Quelhagen, a colonial planet nearly as civilized asEarth herself. He’s touring the distant fringes of human settlement to complete his education.

Amy Bannock was born on the frontier, but she’s been raised with as much gentility and culture as the environment permits.

Yerby Bannock, Amy’s brother, is a big, powerful sort who is always cheeful and most happy when he’s clearing a room in a brawl.

Together the three of them are on hand to protect the raw colony of Greenwood from speculators using the courts when they can and using brute force when that’s the only method that works.

Brute force is always Yerby’s method of choice, but he’s generally willing to listen to Mark and Amy when he figures they have a point.

It s a story that sweeps from sprawling farms to courtrooms, from rain-sodden transfer points to luxury hotels. Conflict may mean a fistfight, a violent kidnapping, or tanks rolling down the street side by side.

But underneath the squabbles and skirmishes, there’s the threat of a revolution which will pit the colonies against their mother world, Earth. If revolution comes, Mark, Amy and Yerby will be in that middle of it too.

And the revolution is coming!


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