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    Author: Timothy Zahn
    Published by: Baen Books
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Contains all three novels of the Cobra War series by “New York Time”s #1 best-selling author Timothy Zahn.Cobra warriors: technologically enhanced and implanted with an arsenal of covert weaponry to fight against alien foes and evil humans.

Three complete novels together for the first time: “Cobra Alliance, Cobra Guardian, “and “Cobra Gamble.”

“Cobra Alliance”

Earth had won its war with the Troft because of the Cobras, a guerilla force whose weapons were surgically implanted, invisible to the unsuspecting eye, yet undeniably deadly.

Now the Moreau family, filled with Cobra warriors, is seen as a problem, not a solution. Anurgent cry for help arrives from the secretive planet Qasama. Is it a true distress signal, or a trap for the Cobras? Jin Moreau and her son Merrick must journey into danger to find out.

“Cobra Guardian”

One young Cobra must forge a new political order as a deadly alien enemy strikes. Earth has won a previous war with the deadly Troft and grown soft, but now the aliens are back! Jasmine Moreau Broom, descendant of a now-legendary Cobra family, must rally the Cobras to war after a devastating attack on every planet with Cobras on it nearly succeeds in wiping them out entirely.

The key to victory lies with Jasmine s quest to uncover a secret that might turn the tide while searching on a world that is under full-on alien attack.

“Cobra Gamble”

The Troft invasions of Qasama and the Cobra Worlds has had at least one result: it has turned long-time antagonists into uneasy and unwilling allies.

As the aliens battle to consolidate their conquered territories, a small group of Cobras and Qasaman Djinn work together to create a victory that will rock the invaders to the core.

Now one young Cobra must forge a new political order as a devastating alien enemy strikes an enemy more deadly than any humanity has ever faced.


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