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Marvel: Avengers: Scale Replica: Captain America's Shield

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  • A 1:6 scale replica of Captain America’s iconic shield!

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  • A 1:6 scale replica of Captain America’s iconic shield!

    Physical augmentation from the Super-Soldier serum allowed Steve Rogers to be preserved in Arctic ice for decades.

    Revived and reintroduced into 21st century society, the legendary Captain America longs for simpler times and the meaning he once found in fighting for a cause.

    Outfitted with a sleek new uniform by S.H.I.E.L.D. and wielding his trusty Vibranium shield once more, Captain America’s no-nonsense attitude and old-fashioned optimism makes him an ideal candidate to lead Nick Fury’s ultimate crisis response team – The Avengers!

    Utilizing the same master patterns cast from the original moulds used to make the screen used prop, EFX’s engineers scaled them down to 1:6th scale to produce a faithful scaled recreation of the iconic Shield that Steve Rogers uses in The Avengers that will look great in any Marvel collection.

    Looking for an upgrade? The EFX 1:6th Captain America Shield replica may not actually be made from Vibranium however it is Metal. Being scaled in 1:6th it is the perfect upgrade for any Hot Toys Captain America figure set.


    1:6 Scale (4” Diameter)

    Die Cast Metal “Hero” Shield

    Leatherette Straps

    Metal Buckles and hardware

    Display Stand

    Gift Box

    Certificate of Authenticity

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