• [Rocket Raccoon & Groot: Volume 1: Tricks Of The Trade (Product Image)]
  • Rocket Raccoon & Groot: Volume 1: Tricks Of The Trade

    • Discontinued
    Universe: Marvel
    Author: Skottie Young
    Artists: Filipe Andrade, and Various
    Published by: Marvel Comics
    • Discontinued

      This item is no longer available for purchase.

Product Description

Rocket Raccoon breaks bad! But can Groot bring back his best pal from the dark side?

Find out in the ultimate buddy book, filled with tall tails and arboreal adventures! When Rocket undergoes a dastardly transformation, Groot battles to remind him who he truly is - but will that only leave the walking, talking tree in the dictatorial Lord RakZoon’s torture dungeon?

RakZoon may be short, but he casts a long shadow over his empire - one that may bring about a bleak future for the galaxy’s greatest friendship! Is this the end for Rocket and Groot? Or will Raccoon-narok come later, with the epic voyage of Rocket the Red and Leaf Grooterson?

And in between all this drama, there’s fun and games to be had - with our heroes as ringers in an intergalactic football league!

Collecting ROCKET RACCOON & GROOT #1-6. Rated T