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  • Girl Power (Amanda Conner Gallery Edition - Hardcover)

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    Universe: DC
    Author: Amanda Conner
    Artist: Amanda Conner
    Published by: DC Comics
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Product Description

Amanda Conner’s Power Girl, Supergirl and Silk Spectre get the deluxe hardcover treatment in the new GIRL POWER: AMANDA CONNER GALLERY EDITION. This 248-page oversize edition presents Conner’s original artwork just as she finished it, before the addition of any coloring.

The cover and interior artwork contained in this volume includes: Power Girl #1, 7, 8, 9, the twelve Supergirl chapters from DC’s Wednesday Comics and the entire Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre saga.

Measuring 12’ by 17’, this deluxe Smythe-sewn volume features Conner’s work printed in high definition at 200 lines per inch on heavy paper stock to closely approximate the look and feel of the original art boards.