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4001AD #1 (Cover B Lotay)

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  • In the tradition of BOOK OF DEATH, ARMOR HUNTERS, and HARBINGER WARS, Valiant’s most ambitious crossover event yet starts here!

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Product Description

  • Artist
    Clayton Crain  
    Matt Kindt  
    Cat No.
    Previews March 2016  
    Valiant Entertainment  
    Wednesday Comicss
    Wednesday Comics (On Thursday) 05/05/2016  
    Wednesday Comics (On Thursday) 02/06/2016  
  • In the tradition of BOOK OF DEATH, ARMOR HUNTERS, and HARBINGER WARS, Valiant’s most ambitious crossover event yet starts here!

    At the dawn of the 41st century, the future of Earth will be decided in the stars. This Maythe rebellion begins in 4001 A.D.! One hundred years from today, Father - the benevolent artifi cial intelligence that governs the island nation of Japan - will gain sentience. To defend its borders, Father will take drastic action by launching Japan into spacewhere its people will thrive in isolation, away from the overpopulated and resource-deprived planet below. Over the centuries, as New Japan orbits our increasingly unstable world, it will become a model society - one built on peace, prosperity and Father’s control. A thousand years from today, Father will create the first Rai, founding a lineage of technologically enhanced heroes engineered to defend New Japan and sworn to protect it from all enemies. For hundreds of years into the future, the Rai will single-handedly enforce New Japan’s justice welland serve Father without question. Now, at the dawn of 4001 A.D., the latest Rai is about to inherit the dark truth behind the origin of his kindand discover the sinister secret at the heart of Father’s existence. For New Japan to live, Earth must dieand as Rai challenges his former master for the first time in more than a millennium, the lone guardian of New Japan will be cast out of his own Father’s kingdom Exiled from the only realm he’s ever known, Rai now walks the ravaged world of 4001 A.D. in search of forgotten heroes like himself on a mission to collect the last surviving legends of a broken planetand to forge a rebellion with the power to bring the most advanced civilization in history crashing back down to Earth.


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