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The Anthrax Protocol

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Product Description

  • Author
    James M Thompson  
    Cat No.
    Science Fiction  
    Kensington Publications  
  • It Kills Slowly…

    In an excavation site in Mexico, a team of archeologists uncovers the lost tomb of Montezuma–and a deadly strain of anthrax as ancient as the Biblical plagues.

    One by one, the team falls violently ill, bleeding from their eyes and ears before succumbing to a slow, painful death. Whatever was buried with the Aztec chief is still active, infectious–and now airborne…

    It Spreads Quickly…

    In Austin, a young archeologist listens to the dying words of her mentor in Mexico–a warning to quarantine the site before all hell breaks loose. In Atlanta, the CDC’s Dr. Mason Williams leads an emergency squad on a life-or-death mission–into the hot zone.

    At Fort Detrick, an army officer sends a trained team to secure the anthrax–as a biological weapon. But time is running out. The disease is spreading rapidly across the border, into the airports, and across the globe, killing thousands. With no cure, no vaccine, and no way to contain it, there will be no hope for humanity–to survive…

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