• [Preacher: Volume 8: All Hell's A-Coming (Product Image)]
  • Discontinued Preacher: Volume 8: All Hell's A-Coming
    Universe: DC
    Author: Darla Albornoz
    Artists: Steve Dillon, and Glenn Fabry
    Published by: DC Comics
    • Discontinued

      This item is no longer available for purchase.


Following the events of the ‘Preacher: Salvation’ collection, Jesse Custer wants to renew his quest to find God and hold him accountable for all of his actions. But before he can continue down that path, he must reunite with his girlfriend Tulip. In this edition, we see how Jesse and Tulip first met and how she became so deadly proficient with a gun. This is a new edition of the collection including Preacher #51-58 and the one-shot Preacher: Tall in the Saddle.