• [Figment 2: Legacy Of Imagination (Hardcover) (Product Image)]
  • Discontinued Figment 2: Legacy Of Imagination (Hardcover)
    Universe: Marvel
    Author: Jim Zub
    Artist: Ramon Bachs
    Published by: Marvel Comics
    • Discontinued

      This item is no longer available for purchase.


The legendary Dreamfinder and the unforgettable Figment return in an all-new adventure! Together, they saved the world - but now they find themselves in a time and place not their own!

As the pair adapt to a new era, steampunk adventure collides with modern technology as a shadowy threat emerges. Mysteries unfold, old friends return, and fresh challenges present themselves - but Dreamfinder’s greatest test lies ahead. Will his own legacy be his undoing?

While the creative minds of the Academy Scientifica-Lucidus fall under a cloud of doubt, a new dreamer joins the journey. Together, can the imaginative team save the school and free their friends, or will the world fall into darkness for all eternity? Don’t miss this sequel based on the beloved ‘Journey Into Imagination’ attraction at Walt Disney World!

Collecting FIGMENT 2 #1-5. All Ages