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Hunter's Moon (Tales Of The Sazi)

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  • HUNTERS MOON introduces us to Tony, our narrator and a hit man for the Mafia.

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Product Description

  • Authors
    Cathy Clamp  
    C. T. Adams  
    trade paperback  
    Cat No.
  • HUNTERS MOON introduces us to Tony, our narrator and a hit man for the Mafia.

    A few months ago, one of Tony’s jobs went very wrong-the mark spotted him, attacked him, and ripped out his throat. He should have died, but instead he woke up furry, and now, with every full moon, he changes into a wolf. Months later Tony has a bad feeling that the wolf-s nses are encroaching on his human life, and this is confirmed when he meets a new freelance client and feels an immediate attraction to her, something that never happened when he was fully human.

    But there’s a bigger problem aside from the professional implications, and the fact that his wolf half wants him to mate with her: she wants to hire him to kill her. He manages to convince her to wait a year, to deal with her problems head on, but tries-and fails-to avoid becoming entangled with her. As he’s drawn further into her life and her problems, the wolf inside of him clamors to be let out-and he realizes he’s not the only one in the Midwest whose life is ruled by the moon…

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