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All episodes of the Japanese anime series about a group of holocaust survivors with extraordinary powers. 50 years have passed since the dropping of a World War Three bomb that created a vast, contaminated crater, known locally as the black spot, in the centre of Tokyo.

This crater is now ruled by Simeon Megacorp, who enforce their will by using robotic ‘Testaments’ who patrol the area. After survivor Cruz Schild (Aya Endo)’s anti-Simeon resistance cell is destroyed by a group of Simeon-backed ‘Needless’, individuals who possess supernatural powers including telekinesis and gravity control, he stumbles upon another group of Needless, this time intent on helping him in his struggle. With Simeon’s power growing daily, the remaining resistance fighters, led by Cruz, decide to take the fight to the enemy.

The episodes are: ‘Adam Blade’, ‘Eve Neuschwanstein’, ‘Momiji Teruyama’, ‘Iron Mountain’, ‘Simeon Girl Squadron’, ‘Goldy Locks’, ‘Adam Arclight’, ‘Riru Roukakuji’, ‘Shelter No. 3’, ‘Set and Solva’, ‘Black Attraction’, ‘Kurumi’, ‘Byakugo’, ‘Lilith Temptation’, ‘Fourth Wave’, ‘Aruka Schild’, ‘Resistance’, ‘Agni Schiwatas’, ‘Positive Feedback Zero’, ‘A-B’, ‘A-A’, ‘The Triple Six Committee’, ‘Saten’ and ‘Cruz Schild’.


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