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All 24 episodes of the Japanese anime series. Sven is your run of the mill ‘sweeper’ (bounty hunter): down on his luck, haunted by the perpetual grumbling of his stomach and looking to make enough cash to get by. Oh, and he can see the future - but only about five minutes into it.

When a price is placed on the head of a dirty politician, the sweeper jumps at the chance to earn a quick buck. But as he’s working to secure the target, his vision reveals an assassination that will cost him the job.

Episodes are: ‘The Solitary Cat’, ‘The Hesitant Cat’, ‘The Cat in the Dark’, ‘The Grinning Cat’, ‘The Departing Cat’, ‘The Cat Under Fire’, ‘The Wounded Cat’, ‘The Sweeping Cat’, ‘The Charming Cat’, ‘The Cat Unleashed’, ‘The False Cat’, ‘The Fighting Cat’, ‘The Love Cat’, ‘The Kitty Cat’, ‘The Distant Cat’, ‘The Cat and the Lizard’, ‘The Napping Cat’, ‘The Cat Deploys’, ‘The Sprinting Cat’, ‘The Cat’s Showdown’, ‘The Lost Cat’, ‘The Cat Bares Claws’, ‘The Cat’s Paradise’ and ‘The Carefree Cat’.


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