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  • Michiko & Hatchin: Part 1
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The first eleven episodes from the Japanese anime featuring the voices of Yoko Maki and Suzuka Ohgo.

After escaping from a high-security prison, convict Michiko Malandro (Maki) rescues the young Hana ‘Hatchin’ Morenos (Ohgo) from her abusive foster family. Despite their differences, the two become partners in crime as they search for a man who is linked to both of their pasts while trying to evade the police and Hatchin’s foster parents.

The episodes are: ‘Farewell, Cruel Paradise!’, ‘The Brown Sugar Outlaw’, ‘Like a Frantic Pinball’, ‘Stray Cat Milky Way’, ‘The Saudade of Fools: Part 1’, ‘The Saudade of Fools: Part 2’, ‘The Rain That Falls in Monotone’, ‘Black Noise and a Dope Game’, ‘The Chocolate Girl in Love’, ‘The Carnival of Hyenas’ and ‘Starting Line Downpour’.


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