• [Skullkickers: Volume 5: Dozen Cousins & A Crumpled Crown (Product Image)]
  • Skullkickers: Volume 5: Dozen Cousins & A Crumpled Crown

    • Discontinued
    Author: Jim Zub
    Artists: Edwin Huang, and Misty Coats
    Published by: Image Comics
    • Discontinued

      This item is no longer available for purchase.

Product Description

In this volume: The dwarf has been forcibly returned to his homeland and the deranged diminutive denizens of Dwayre will make sure it’s a homecoming like no other. Get ready for compressed calamity, small skirmishes, truncated troubles, and pint-sized pugilism along with the history of dwarves (y’know, the ‘short’ version).

Collects SKULLKICKERS #24-29.